Welcome Message to CoC Covenant Partners by Pastor Ken Omeje

I am pleased to welcome every one of you as a covenant partner in this all-important commission of our Lord Jesus Christ who by the special grace of His calling and ordination has instituted Crown of Christ gospel church as an avenue for us to serve Him and humanity. I profoundly appreciate the decision that you have made to become our covenant partner and do extend a godly hand of fellowship to many others who are interested in partnering with an impactful and transparent ministry that aims to make positive spiritual and material difference in the lives of many as the Holy Spirit supplies grace. As pastor, I do continually pray for all our members and covenant partners and it is my faith that the Lord who has called and commissioned us will continually preserve, favour and uplift you.

I wish to urge all covenant partners to be connected to our information dissemination media via email, WhatsApp, Facebook or by regularly visiting the CoC website in order to be acquainted with our activities and to also to be able to take part where possible. One of the immensely empowering activities that our covenant partners could possibly participate in is the weekly and monthly fasting, an activity in which we are always guided by inspiring bible passages and prayer points. Our prayer points are advisedly flexible and broad-ranging, spanning both your own needs and ours as a ministry. It is a great opportunity for us to pray for one another. Unless otherwise stated, our corporate fasting always starts by 12.00 mid-night and ends at 3.00pm. The ministry discourages anybody who is pregnant, breastfeeding, unwell or on any type of prescribed medication related to ill-health from taking part in the fasting, but do recommend that they join in the prayers.
Furthermore, as pastor, I hold weekly counselling and prayer sessions (every Thursday evening, 6.00 – 8.00pm) in our church office in Bradford and I do organise similar prayer sessions with interested partners using telephone or skype as the need arises. You are welcome to share testimonies of answered prayers with us as we continue to uphold you in prayers.

Partners are welcome to send in financial contributions to support the ministry as they make up their minds but this is by no means a condition for covenant partnership. If you wish to make financial donation to our ministry or to set up a periodic direct debit for this purpose, you are encouraged to contact us by email or telephone to arrange it using the information in our website. All donations are made payable to the church bank account and are used for carrying out the ministry’s programmes as outlined in our mission statement.
Finally, may I exhort you using the words of Moses to Hobab in Number 10:29 (RSV) – “And Moses said to Hobab the son of Reu′el the Mid′ianite, Moses’ father-in-law, ‘We are setting out for the place of which the LORD said, ‘I will give it to you’; come with us, and we will do you good; for the LORD has promised good to Israel.’”

Correspondence Information:
Email: info@crownofchrist.org.uk
Tel: 0044-7859431244 (Felix Baah – CoC Finance Officer; fbaah@crownofchrist.org.uk)
Tel: 0044-7443611852 (Ken Omeje – CoC Pastor; komeje@crownofchrist.org.uk)

Bank account details: Crown of Christ Gospel Church, Yorkshire Bank, Sort code: 050338, A/c #: 63676118.